BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

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Global Knowledge is one of the UK’s leading specialists in business analysis consultancy and training, with expertise gained over 20 years in the field. We have built on this unrivalled experience to create a course that combines theory and practice to offer participants a set of tools and techniques that will allow them to tackle challenging business analysis assignments with confidence. Emphasis is placed on the need to take a holistic view of business problems and issues if the most effective solutions are to be developed. The techniques are presented within the context of our own ADAPT© framework model for business analysis projects. The comprehensive course manual provides support for participants during the course but will also act as a valuable reference guide.


  • Business analysis rationale
  • What is a business system
  • The place of business analysis
  • Business analysis versus systems analysis
  • Approaches to business analysis
  • Strategic analysis in context
  • Understanding the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses
  • External analysis – PESTLE
  • Internal analysis – Resource Audit
  • Building a comprehensive SWOT analysis
  • Measuring performance – the Balanced Business Scorecard
  • Critical success factors and key performance indicators
  • A project approach to business analysis
  • Business analysis studies as projects
  • Terms of reference and project initiation
  • Assuring business benefit
  • Understanding the situation/issues
  • Types of business ‘problem’ line
  • Rich pictures and mind maps
  • Defining the problem
  • Review of investigation techniques
  • Business perspectives
  • Analysing stakeholders
  • Stakeholder management strategies
  • Business perspective - introduction
  • Defining the perspective - CATWOE
  • Analysing and modelling the business activities
  • Modelling business activities
  • Five types of business activity
  • Consolidating perspectives and business activity models
  • Identifying potential solutions
  • End-to-end process models
  • Exploring the gap between the current and desired situation
  • Areas for business improvement (organisation context, processes, people)
  • Holistic approach to business solutions
  • Making the business case
  • Contents of a business case
  • Options
  • Costs and benefits-Impacts and risks
  • Payback and discounted cash flow
  • Presenting the business case


  • The course prepares participants to sit the one-hour, open book, examination leading to the certificate in Business Analysis Essentials offered by the Information Systems Examinations Board (ISEB). This certificate is a core module for the ISEB Business Analysis Diploma and is a specialist module in the ISEB Systems Development Diploma.

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