Enterprise & Solutions Architecture - Practitioner and Intermediate (Combined)

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Day(s): 5
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This course combines the Intermediate and Practitioner courses into a comprehensive five-day programme. During the course, participants learn the essentials that all architects need to know. Industry-accepted methods to analyse and describe enterprise and solution architectures are presented, from business goals to the building blocks of technology. The course combines knowledge with the opportunity to practice the methods and techniques presented using a realistic case study and it assists those with a TOGAF certificate to see how that framework can be applied in practice.


Architecture and architects
-Foundation concepts
-Architecture granularity
-Architecture domains
-Hierarchical or layered architecture
-Architect roles, skills and goals

Architecture precursors
-Drivers, aims and directives
-Solution descriptions and plans
-Scope of architecture work
-Regulatory requirements
-Business case

Architecture frameworks
-Architecture process frameworks
-Architecture descriptions
-Architecture models and abstractions
-Architecture description frameworks

Business architecture
-Foundation concepts
-Business structure and behaviour
-Business process decomposition and automation
-Design for business security

Data architecture
-Foundation concepts
-Knowledge and/or content management
-Data architecture structure
-Data qualities and integration
-Design for data security

Software architecture
-Foundation concepts
-Component structures and patterns
-Component interfaces
-Component interoperation styles
-Component communication styles
-Publish and subscribe distribution

Applications architecture
-Foundation concepts
-Applications structure and behaviour
-Design for applications security
-Application platform

Design for non-functional requirements

Infrastructure architecture
-Foundation concepts
-Infrastructure structure and behaviour
-Design for infrastructure security

Migration planning and architecture management
-Gap analysis
-Migration path
-Risk analysis

Architecture management
-Architecture implementation
-Architecture change management
-Architecture governance
-Architecture in operations

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