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Boost IT skills with the help of the Tech Partnership Training Fund

Wokingham, (UK) – January 21st, 2015 - Following on from a successful bid into the government’s Employer Ownership of Skills Pilot, Tech Partnership launched the Tech Partnership Training Fund. Supported by Global Knowledge, the Tech Partnership Training Fund will allow employers to increase the investment in IT training, which will support business growth and competitiveness.

What is the funding for?

The fund is there to support two main areas, firstly for enhanced apprenticeships; it will help to provide additional training for IT apprentices over and above their standard programme.

The additional training could include:

  • Training for industry certifications 
  • Additional technical training, such as: 
      - Cyber security
      - Additional software languages
      - New operating systems
      - Infrastructure
  • Intermediate or higher units from ITIL

Secondly it can be used for short courses; to provide training funds for strategically important skills, in areas such are:

  • Cyber security
  • Big data - data management, data analytics, data science, business intelligence
  • Mobile
  • Cloud
  • e-commerce
  • Other technical skills of strategic importance to your business

Please note: Short courses can include courses with a duration of up to 5 days.

How much will I receive?

You may apply for up to 50% of the costs of your training, up to a maximum of either £1000 per learner for enhanced apprenticeships or £500 per learner for strategic skills short courses.

Am I eligible?

The main eligibility criteria are as follows:

Short courses:

  • The business is based in England and the training is delivered in England
  • The training would not have taken place without the support of the fund, and has not already started. 
  • The training will help you meet your business objectives. 
  • The training is in one of the listed strategically important skills areas or another area of strategic importance to your business.

For Enhanced Apprenticeships:

  • The training is over and above that covered by the standard Apprenticeship.

How do I apply?

An application form will need to be completed in both instances. The applications forms can be found online - click on the links below to access:
• Application form for the enhanced apprenticeships fund
• Application form for the short courses


About Tech Partnership
The Tech Partnership is a growing network of employers, collaborating to create the skills to accelerate the growth of the digital economy. It is recognised by government as the Industrial Partnership for the digital economy. It acts for the good of the sector by inspiring young people about technology, accelerating the flow of talented people of all backgrounds into technology careers, and helping companies to develop the technology skills they need for the future.

Enquiries about the Tech Partnership Training Fund can be sent to

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Kathliya Harwood
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