An Introduction to AWS Security

When moving to the public cloud, security is front and center, but many CTOs and CIOs first have to go through an education period in order to even learn the right questions to ask. In that education, they happen across both familiar questions like, "What options exist to encrypt data in transit and at rest?" and, "How does my provider lessen the risk of an internal breach at their facilities?" as well as a whole other new set of questions like, "What is a hypervisor and how does it impact security?" and "How does public cloud impact compliance and regulatory concerns?"

Compiling the long list of "known unknowns" and then crawling through hundreds of pages of formal and informal documentation seeking to answer them can be a Herculean effort consuming weeks of valuable time, and still leaving lots of loose ends at the conclusion. In this white paper, we aim to close that gap quicker and more reliably by explaining the most important aspects of AWS security and what that means to the enterprise.

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