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Windows 8.1 Client to Microsoft’s Cloud Services

Windows 8.1 represents Microsoft’s client-side push into cloud computing with the user interface being an
extension into all things “cloud.” The use of the term “cloud” is readily seen as a metaphor for the Internet, as
accessing any type of cloud resource necessarily involves doing so at some point over and through an Internet

As the upgrade to Windows 8, Windows 8.1 also represents the push at Microsoft to further establish
a client operating system (OS) that is cloud savvy. This means having an operating system that seamlessly
connects and stays connected to on-demand cloud resources. As such, Windows 8.1 provides many features that
leverage the use of cloud-based resources and applications. To go a step further to describe the degree to which
Windows 8.1 is cloud integrated is encapsulated in the term “cloudification.”

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