ABC's of ITIL®

Service management, as defined by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is a complex topic that takes individuals years to master. While individuals may have difficulty mastering all aspects of the ITIL framework, much less the more esoteric parts, organisations often have significant difficulty understanding how the ITIL best practices fit into their environment. ITIL® consists of five core books, with each book focusing on a specific stage of the lifecycle approach to service management. The five core books are very detailed, complex, and at times difficult to understand. It is easy for both individuals and organisations to become overwhelmed with all of the detail provided in the ITIL® books.

This white paper will describe the concepts of accountability, boundaries, and consistency (the ABCs); discuss how ITIL helps establish, manage, and maintain the ABC's; how the ABCs relate to quality and cost-effectiveness; and
how individuals and organisations can communicate ITIL® in a simple way using the ABC's.

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