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Why Choose Global Knowledge?

We work with clients to deliver flexibility, value and service

We understand that the world of learning has changed. We work in partnership with our customers to deliver flexibility, value and service.


Our service is designed with customers in mind resulting in effective, convenient training supported by responsive customer service. We develop innovative programmes to ensure that every aspect of the learning development, delivery and administration of courses work to our clients’ benefit.


We deliver a valuable end-to-end experience by continually improving our processes and the experience for delegates and bookers whilst delivering proven return on investment.


We have long-term relationships with organisations and individuals to help them reach their potential. We use our knowledge to guide training decisions and innovate new ways of learning.


Global Knowledge is Europe's largest independent IT training company with over 40 dedicated training centres in 12 countries, and offering more than 1000 courses. Approximately 500 people are employed across Europe, 25% of these being technical trainers, training 2000 delegates every day. Worldwide we train over 300,000 students each year. This provides us with 300,000 opportunities for feedback for our courses. We integrate this feedback into our training so that it reflects precisely what businesses and individuals need to know.


Global Knowledge recognises that learning is not just attending training courses but is critical to an organisations success. Today business is fast moving, competitive and demands a highly skilled workforce. Our Learning Services Offerings are designed to support our customers in achieving these goals and together we develop innovative learning programmes that fit in with their strategy.


We employ the best in business to ensure a high quality standard. We provide clients with access to a wide team of experienced consultants and trainers to support development.

For more information on our courses or learning programmes, call us now on 0118 9 123 456.