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What people say about our Trainers


"David was brilliant. Even after doing 4 years at University, I feel I learnt more this week then doing a whole module on the topic in 4 months. Was able to make complex topics simple to understand and his knowledge of the subject was second to none. Just brilliant. I've even recommended the course to people who don't even know how to use computers it was that good. Can't praise him highly enough!"

"Excellent instructor promised me I would understand sub netting by the end of the week and lived up to his promise. I initially struggled to grasp the concept, but Dave was patient and determined to help me understand the processes. I now feel confident to expand my knowledge and feel "almost" ready for the exam."

"The trainer is a great and efficient trainer with superlative knowledge in the course as well as real life experience. Superb knowledge gain from the course in wireless and the products used which related to my daily job."

“Very impressed and the ability to answer question on demand without stating I'll come back to you later with an answer. Very prompt and accurate in describing very technical scenarios in simple form.”

"Excellent instructor. Delivered the course in a clear and enthusiastic way. The best trainer I have come across at Global Knowledge so far. His way of communicating and explaining the subjects was excellent."

"I rate the trainers’ ability to keep up my interest throughout, as the best I have encountered."

"Instructor engaged well with the class, held everyone's attention well and presented real world examples relevant to the subjects being discussed."

“I was very impressed with the knowledge and experience of the instructor. He was able to fully explain the technology and its integration and inter-operability with other technologies. I gained a lot of information which will enable to bring new dimensions to my designs for customers.”

"The tutor clearly has enormous experience of the subject area, was able to field questions easily and used broader examples not within the training material to articulate specific points effectively"

"The instructor’s enthusiasm was refreshing and his analogies were so vivid that everyone could relate to them in a work environment."

"Excellent training. Lots of theory and some hands on, which suits me as a consultant. Ashley was a brilliant instructor, very easy to listen to and very effective in his delivery of the essentials and his valued experience. An asset to Global Knowledge."

“The instructor is one of the best technical instructors I have ever met. He is really very competent and eager to help (and can help) with any question raised. I would like to say a personal thank you to him for this course and especially for the additional materials (in a pdf file) he has provided - it was really helpful.” "

"Excellent instructor. He had immense experience on the subject, and was able to translate the tech talk into real life situations. Great teaching style. Best training instructor I've had on a course with Global Knowledge."

"James kept all attendees engaged (both real and virtual) and provided a lively and entertaining course. Making the content interesting and relevant."

"Graham was one of the most consciencious instructors I have studied with. His notes and observations aided the smooth running of the labs and course."

"As with any course the real value is in how the material is presented and Ashley has been brilliant. He has been fun, knowledgeable and supportive of our learning process. Marvellous."

"John was incredible helpful throughout the course and encouraged group participation. Questions and interaction were never deemed a problem or interruption. John made the course, which could have been quite tough, really interesting and enjoyable for all."

"His knowledge and depth of understanding provided excellent access into the source material. He was enthusiastic and provided me with both an excellent practical and theoretical understanding of the course. He was friendly and easy to approach making the learning process even easier. Not only this, but there was some minor deviation from the core course material which enabled me to have a stronger understanding of the course as a whole."
"Tina was an excellent instructor - she was very clear and passionate about the material. She was also happy to answer any questions outside of the scope of the course where they related to real life application, which I think is very important in any technical course."

"Ash is obviously well versed in this topic and is clearly passionate, a well taught course that was delivered at the right pace."