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What people say about our Learning Delivery Formats

“Managing the learning demands of a technical community constrained at times by our Island location can be challenging when trying to maximize value for time and cost. Travel expenses are a necessary but unwelcome evil. Therefore the opportunity to work with Global Knowledge on their new virtual learning offering was an opportunity that we grabbed. Having now experienced the virtual experience and received very enthusiastic feedback from our staff, we have no hesitation in recommending Global Knowledge.”

Andy Pirie, Corporate Solutions Product Manager, Manx Telecom

"The course was better than I expected and although you could hear the tutor you could not hear the class chatter which in my opinion was good as it allowed me to get on with the labs without being disturbed. The virtual students were constantly included in question time, chatter about our working environments etc. The tutor was very good at checking to make sure we were ok and when it came to requiring assistance with a lab, the tutor was able to remote onto the training server and help me- it was so easy.

On another note, the virtual course was good as I didn't have to rush in the morning to drop my daughter off into child care, and then catch a train. I started the course every morning feeling refreshed and not stressed out by a what could be a difficult journey.
I would recommend this type of training to others who have busy home lives. I found the course more enjoyable as I didn't have to worry about being late for trains etc."

"I have used many online training solutions but the delivery of this course with Adobe Connect was by far the best. It made things extremely simple to communicate with the instructor and my fellow learners"

"This is the first of these courses I have done online and I'm impressed how effective it is. It really seems to work with a balance of classroom and on-line delegates."

"Audio and video were excellent throughout the week."

"I enjoyed the Virtual Training and found it highly effective."

This was my first time attending a course remotely and I will continue to use this method."

"Yes, I feel that the virtual environment is just as good as the classroom."

"Training was done virtually. I was very impressed with the overall presentation and technology used."

"The ability to do the course from home was great. I would definitely do further training this way in the future."

"I found the remote learning very useful and it replicated the genuine classroom experience."

"I was one of the 'virtual' candidates and it has been a very enjoyable experience attending this course in the comfort of my own home - no travelling time, everything I need to hand. Using my own equipment for the labs has been very helpful as my monitors are quite large, allowing me to spread out my learning material across the screens."

No problems with the online delivery - sound, vision, interaction and access to labs was 100% available."

"Connecting in from home was areal bonus, no travel, no quality."
"It is a good challenge to do a troubleshooting class remotely, but Global Knowledge make it possible. The teacher is very good also, and he managed successfully to make this training easy to follow."

"First time using a virtual course, all went very smoothly, and the instructor kept virtual students well involved."

"I think it was as effective as being in the classroom, if not more effective."