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What our Partners say about us


“Global Knowledge is a trusted Microsoft partner and has achieved the Advanced status in Certified Partner for Learning Solution (CPLS) program. They provide a seamless extension to our customers own training function which we believe is fundamental to making these relationships work. Learning is achieved in ways that reduce the time spent away from the workplace and delivered at a pace at which the learner is comfortable, Global Knowledge have a broad portfolio of learning solutions and use advanced technologies to make skills available in the right place at the right time. We collaborate with Global Knowledge on readiness programs ensuring Microsoft partners are skilled on new products to support market demand and as a CPLS they continue to develop innovative learning options that allow customer to be proficient with the technologies”

Garry Corcoran, Microsoft UK

“ We have worked closely with Global Knowledge and they are a valuable learning partner. Global Knowledge have supported Cisco’s sales strategy within the Commercial and Small Business arena, enabling a greater exposure of Cisco’s small business technologies. Global Knowledge are a trusted partner that we will continue to partner with.”

David Critchley, Director Commercial and Small Business, Cisco

“Global Knowledge has definitely shown themselves to be more than just a ‘partner’. I am delighted with what we have accomplished so far and look forward to a lasting relationship with them. I appreciate their efforts toward continuous improvement and know that that has had a huge impact on our success. The training solution Aspect and Global Knowledge built has led to a broader, collaborative partnership on other training ventures.”

Aspect Ltd