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Authority Certification

The foundation of being an Authority is having technical knowledge in a chosen field, which can usually be demonstrated through certifications like ITIL, Cisco, PMI etc. However, what often lets these subject matter experts down is their ability to translate their knowledge on to paper in a clear and concise way.

Individuals looking to attend this course exam should ideally already hold a foundation level of accreditation in a chosen field. The course will then focus on the skills needed to impart their knowledge to customers.

The course covers 2 key areas:

  • Technology roadmap awareness & opinion
  • Design documentation skills

You will learn to:

  • Understand the potential impact of disruptive technologies
  • Understand techniques and methodologies for forecasting disruptive technologies
  • Understand the purpose and approaches to technology roadmapping
  • Understand the steps in successful technical writing
  • Understand the elements of professionally presented design documentation

For more information on the PS Professional Authority certification please contact us on 0118 912 1929.