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Executive Certification

The foundations of an Executive are understanding the business landscape and the financials. To be business-issues focussed, you need to understand the industry and the associated macro-economics for that sector. It is impossible to be credible and understand what issues are driving the thinking in that industry unless you are immersed in the detail.

The module covers three key areas:-

  • Industry sector skills
  • Finance, financials & macro-economics
  • Marketing fundamentals

You will learn to:

  • Understand the basics of financial management, how to read a financial report and a financial statement, and the general health of a business  
  • Understand the principles of marketing and a marketing strategy, which is applicable and relevant to every area of business and professional service
  • Understand models used to formulate strategic and operational business plans, marketing plans and develop operational marketing tools

For more information on the PS Professional Executive certification please contact us on 0118 912 1929.