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Virtual Classroom – How It Works

V&C Select

V&C Select™ Technology

Whilst the concept is simple, what really makes V&C Select™ unique is the technology that underpins it. Using the latest collaborative tools and technologies, we offer a solution where the classroom and virtual delegate attend the same course. The in-class experience is exactly the same as a standard instructor-led course and the remote delegate receives a browser based interface that allows them to see and hear the tutor and classroom delegates, and they can communicate in real time. Whatever type of activity is taking place in the class – the intuitive Global Knowledge interface changes to accommodate the session in progress.

If the tutor is discussing the supporting slides or demonstrating on the interactive whiteboard– the interface is ‘tuned’ to ensure the remote delegate has the same experience. As with all Global Knowledge courses – all delegates (in class and remote) are provided with dedicated learning labs for a quality 'hands-on' experience. If assistance is required, the tutor can address the full group, or any virtual individual via a quick and easy private call function (in the interface) to ensure all delegates get the support they require.  

If you would like to attend a Virtual Learning Course, please access our virtual V&C Select™ schedule.

For more information, contact us at 0118 912 1929.