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V&C Select Testimonials

Find out what delegates of V&C SelectTM courses have to say about their experience.


"Being able to fit studying around my normal day-to-day routine without spending hours commuting is a great personal benefit"

"The V&C SelectTM course delivery exceeded my expectations. The interactive whiteboard technology used is a superb idea. If I can I'll do all my courses as V&C SelectTM from now on."

"What a great idea by Global Knowledge to provide course delegates with all they need for a V&C SelectTM course! I'm really impressed!"

“I am impressed with the virtual classroom, please can you make this medium more widley available”

“Just as good as being in the class”

“Worked great”

“I enjoyed doing my first ever virtual course. [The instructor] paced the course pretty well and nicely delivered”

“I was really impressed by the online process with remote labs working as good as they did in person and Adobe Connect providing a really effective platform”

“The Audio delivery was excellent and having a webcam to see gestures from the instructor was helpful the whiteboard visualisation was also particularly effective”


To view the full list of available V&C SelectTM courses, please view our course schedule