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Learning On-Demand

Flexibility to suit your pace, place and time

Global Knowledge believes that learning in the 21st century has to reflect the different ways in which people learn and meet the changing objectives of the organisation. This can include broadening the focus of delivery from the classroom and providing a seamless join between any formal learning activity and the other learning that will take place around it.

Global Knowledge’s Learning On-Demand resources are designed to allow access to learning resources anywhere and anytime it suits the learner. Our solution includes the ability to access equipment when you need to practice your skills and the chance to watch and listen to our subject matter experts as they highlight key educational areas and features. You are able to read materials and prepare for exams when you are ready and not have to wait for the next classroom or online live event. Education on demand is there when you want it.

Our award-winning Learning On-Demand training effectively incorporates the latest instructional design methodologies and mirrors the content we have used to train millions of IT- and business professionals.

  • E-learning - at a pace, place and time to suit you
  • Bespoke e-learning creation - designed to integrate with the other components of our e-learning approach 
  • E-labs - the opportunity to try out new skills and learning
  • E-books - access to existing on-line reference materials or resources created specifically with your audience in mind
  • Podcasts - a range of pre-created or bespoke broadcasts that allows learners access to content whenever and wherever they are
  • Self-Testing - evaluating your understanding and ability to apply learning
  • Webinars - our industry experts regularly share their knowledge and experience in our webinars. You can participate during live events or have access to a vast range of recorded sessions.

Benefits Learning On-Demand

  • Study topical, results-oriented course content.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Have convenient access to hands-on labs.
  • Enjoy flexibility and savings.
  • Support corporate green initiatives

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