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These take existing content in a variety of formats and use graphic design to create an engaging presentation

They are ideal for awareness and education programmes and again provide a swift and simple way to inform and educate disparate groups of learners.

The animated presentation is the next level of our bespoke e-learning offering – it provides a slightly richer at screen experience for learners. Again it is typically derived from existing presentation and information source materials, although these are considerably enhanced both at the instructional design and development stages of the project. 

Depending on the required final deliverable, these presentations can be quite simple or more complex and considerably more engaging for the user with animations and interactions to enhance the learning experience. 

Learner experience

Information is typically presented in a linear manner, with learners working through separate modules accessed from a central menu.  With each, interactions allow learners to explore and interact with the material.  Activities and questions help reinforce learning and enable the learner to assess progress.

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