Agile Project Management - Foundation and Practitioner

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Agile approaches such as eXtreme Programming, Scrum and Lean Software Development are becoming increasingly mainstream. They describe how to successfully deliver in complex situations when requirements and possible solutions are subject to continuous change; but they stop short of describing a full project lifecycle with defined Phases, Work Products, Roles and Responsibilities. This course covers how to operate in such an agile fashion within an overall project framework which is accredited as a stable-mate to PRINCE2 and based on the DSDM Agile Project Framework (DSDM APF) approach. Through practical experience of the agile style of working, case studies and example scenarios from a highly experienced trainer, it provides delegates with an understanding of how the Agile Project Management process can enable planning, management and control for predictable Agile project deliveries.


  • Agile Project Management Fundamentals
  • What is Agile Project Management?
  • Benefits of Agile Project Management
  • When to use Agile Project Management
  • Preparing for a successful Agile project
  • Agile Project Management Principles
  • The Agile Project Management Process
  • Agile Project Management Framework
  • Configuring the Agile Project Lifecycle
  • Work Products and Deliverables
  • Management Products and Deliverables
  • Business Work Products and Deliverables
  • Technical Products and Deliverables
  • Agile Project Teams
  • Agile Project Roles and Responsibilities
  • Agile Project Team Empowerment
  • Agile Project Team Structure
  • Agile Project Management Practices
  • Facilitated Workshops
  • MoSCoW Prioritisation
  • Modelling
  • Iterative Development
  • Timeboxing
  • Project Management and Control
  • Agile Planning
  • Agile Risk Management
  • Agile Estimating and Measurement
  • Agile Configuration Management
  • Other Agile Project Management Concerns
  • Agile Requirements (Functional and Non-functional Requirements)
  • Agile Testing
  • Quality Management and Quality Control
  • Ensuring Maintainability and Scalability

Target Audience

The course is aimed at Project Managers and others involved in Project Management who want to understand how to apply agile approaches within an overall project management lifecycle framework.


  • The course covers the full practitioner level certification programme which includes the foundation certification course and exam (days 1 & 2) and practitioner certification course (days 3-5). Agile Project Management Foundation Exam The exam is closed book taken at 3pm on the second day of the course. It consists of 50 multiple choice questions that you have 40 minutes to complete. The pass mark is 50% (25 marks). The Foundation level exam tests whether candidates have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Agile Project Management guidance to be able to recognise and distinguish between the different elements of the approach. The Foundation qualification is also a prerequisite for the Practitioner qualification.

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