Managing Challenging Conversations

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Learn to deal with difficult subjects in business situations.
In this short course, you'll gain tools and insight into effective approaches for managing conflict and those difficult conversations we find ourselves trying to avoid. Prepare yourself by becoming aware of the roles emotion and personality play. Learn to get past the procrastination to take in the big picture and really listen.

This virtual short course, specifically designed to give you a quick convenient way to renew and refresh your project management skills, maintain your Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification, and earn PDUs on your own time, at your own pace.

Virtual short courses do not include materials or headsets.


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  • There are no prerequisites for this course.


1. Everyone encounters challenging conversations

  • Key executive skill and common issue for executives
  • Why do we avoid them?
  • Why do we delay dealing with these issues?

2. Understanding what develops into challenging conversations

  • Key reasons for these challenges
  • How do you become aware of these challenges

3. Dealing with strong emotion - yours and/or theirs

  • Emotions derail rational thought
  • Do not let emotions cloud your judgment

4. Hidden costs of avoiding these conversations

  • What happens to productivity and the environment

5. Discovering what diffuses challenging situations

  • How do you step into the breach

6. When they just won't listen to what you have to say

  • Emotions are too high, irrational behavior occurs

7. Beginning a difficult conversation

  • Preparation needed before starting the conversation

8. Being aware of what's going on beneath the surface

  • Understanding the nuances of people
  • Getting to know personalities and their differences

9. Managing the real conversations taking place during every interaction

  • Three conversations typically take place
  • Be aware of your thinking pattern during the conversation

10. Steering the conversation to maximize the outcome

  • Learn from every conversation
  • Keep the focus on the objectives


  • Avoid avoiding the unpleasant conversations and situations
  • Deal with difficult people and situations
  • How emotions and personalities affect situations
  • Steps to de-escalate tense and or emotional situations
  • Become a better observer of people and their personalities
  • Prepare for your next challenging conversation with a plan!

Target Audience

PMP-certified project managers, IT project managers, project coordinators, project analysts, project leaders, senior project managers, team leaders, product managers, program managers, project sponsors, and project team members who want to continue to develop their skills and renew their PMP certification.

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