Preventing Project Failure

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The best way to manage a crisis is to avoid it altogether.It's a fact of business that every project will run into problems sooner or later. You can learn to stop those problems from escalating into full-blown crisis with a few simple tools. This short course will teach you how to be more proactive as a project manager by consistently monitoring project status, recognizing a potential problem, and getting it under control before it becomes a crisis. You'll also learn how to create a corrective action plan that gets your project back on track.

Virtual short courses do not include materials or headsets.

This is a virtual short course, specially designed to give you a quick, convenient way to earn PMI PDUs or concentrate on a specialized topic. This course is also part of our PMP® Renewal Program.


  • There are no prerequisites for this course.


  • 1. Problem Identification Techniques
  • 2. Problem Types
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Customer expectations
  • Quality or testing
  • Suppliers
  • Technology
  • Personnel
  • 3. Planning Your Corrective Action


  • Identify project problems
  • Categories of problems
  • Planning corrective action

Target Audience

PMP-certified project managers, IT project managers, project coordinators, project analysts, project leaders, senior project managers, team leaders, product managers, program managers, project sponsors, and project team members who want to continue to develop their skills and renew their PMP certification.

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  • IT Risk Management
  • Program Management
  • Requirements Development, Documentation, and Management

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