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About HP ExpertONE networking training and certification

HP ExpertONE networking solutions are built to deliver predictable performance, high availability, and security, using products and technologies that offer scalability, cutting-edge features, energy efficiency, and reduced complexity.

HP ExpertONE certifications assess the skill sets necessary to design and implement those networking solutions in a Converged Infrastructure context, from SMB to enterprise and from core to edge.

The HP ExpertONE programme offers a full range of networking curricula, from foundational-level courses to master engineer classes. You’ll also find fast-track programmes that let you leverage your current industry certifications, building on the investment you’ve already made in networking education. With a HP ExpertONE certification, you’ll rapidly become proficient in the design, deployment, and operation of open, standards-based networks which are prized for their security, agility, interoperability, and superior cost efficiency.

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Data Center & Virtualisation
HP Integrity Virtual Machine (VM) (HB506S)
EVA 2: Business Continuity and Availability (HF839S)
Accelerated SAN Essentials (UC434S)
Network Management
Accelerated Interoperability & Troubleshooting HP Networks, Rev 11.31 (00314282)
EVA 2: Business Continuity and Availability (HF839S)
HP Systems Insight Manager Essentials (HK756S)
HP Systems Insight Control Advanced Topics (HK757S)
HP Systems Insight Control Advanced Topics (HK757S)
Network Storage
HP Storage XP 1: Configuration and Management (H6773S)
HP Storage X9000 File Serving Software System Administration (HK253S)
HP StorageWorks P4000 SAN Configuration and Administration (HK364S)
Managing HP Storage D2D Solutions (HK766S)
HP Storage P9500 Differences for Experienced XP Aministrators (HK767S)
Accelerated SAN Essentials (UC434S)
Operating Systems
UNIX Fundamentals (51434S)
HP-UX System & Network Administration I (H3064S)
HP-UX System & Network Administration II (H3065S)
HP-UX Security (H3541S)
HP-UX Performance and Tuning (H4262S)
HP-UX Troubleshooting (H4264S)
Perl Programming (H4311S)
HP-UX Differences for Experienced UNIX System Administrators (H5875S)
HP-UX Logical Volume Manager (H6285S)
HP ServiceGuard I (H6487S)
HP-UX VERITAS Volume Manager (HB505S)
HP Metrocluster (HB507S)
Open System Services (OSS) Accelerated commands and Utilities (HB940S)
BladeSystem Administration for HP-UX (HC590S)
Introduction to HP BladeSystem and the Converged Infrastructure (HE642S)
Essentials for HP ProLiant (HE643S)
HP Insight Control Server Deployment Foundations (HE645S)
HP BladeSystem Administration: C-class (HE646S)
HP NonStop NB-series Server Operations Management Differences (HG767S)
Introduction to HP NonStop NetBatch (HH321S)
Architecting HP Server Solutions, Rev. 12.31 (00433808) (HH734S)
IMC Platform Installation and Administration Professional Training (HK643S)
HP-UX Systems Insight Manager o HP-UX (HK712S)
P9000 Performance Advisor 5.0 (HK736S)
HP BladeSystem Virtual Connect (HK758S)
Advanced HP Insight Control Server Deployment Topics (HK759S)
HP A-Series Fast Track (HK816S)
Managing HP 3PAR Disk Arrays (HK902S)
Managing HP 3PAR Disk Arrays: Replication and Performance (HK904S)
HP Storage P9500 Administration & Configuration (HK905S)
HP P9500 Replication Class (HK906S)
HP B Series Switch Administration (BCFA) (HK910S)
HP B Series Fabric Professional (BCFP) (HK911S)
HP Matrix Operating Environment: infrastructure orchestration Integration (HK916S)
HP Matrix technologies Overview (HK919S)
HP Matrix Operating Environment Infrastructure Administration (HK920S)
HP Thin Client Operating Systems and Imaging with HP Device Manager (HK924S)
HP ProLiant Gen8 Capabilities and Technologies (HK925S)
HP P6000 Administration and Management (HK975S)
Migrating from IPv4 to IPv6 (HL041S)
Accelerated Implementing HP A & E-Series Secure Infrastructure Networks, Rev. 11.41 (HL045S)
HP-UX Advanced Shell Programming Tools (HASP)
HP-UX Fundamentals (HF)
HP-UX Introduction (HI)
HP-UX Posix Shell Programming (HPSP)
HP-UX System Administration (HSA)
HP-UX Shell Programming (HSPR)
DSM/SCM Operations and Management for HP NonStop Systems (U4150S)
HP NonStop TCP/IP System Management (U4176S)
HP NonStop SQL/MP database management (U4180S)
HP NonStop SQL/MP essentials (U4181S)
HP NonStop SQL/MX Basics (U4184S)
NonStop Transaction Management Facility (TMF) Operations and Management (U4186S)
Open System Services (OSS) Operations and Management for HP NonStop Systems (U4188S)
Pathway System Management for NonStop Systems (U4194S)
Performance Analysis and Tuning for HP NonStop Systems (U4195S)
Securing NonStop Servers using Safeguard (U4196S)
TAL/pTAL programming (U4198S)
TACL programming (U4199S)
HP-UX Partition Management (U5075S)
HP-UX Performance Management: WLM & PRM (U5447S)
HP NonStop NS-series Server Administration I (U8528S)
NonStop H-series and J-series Operating Systems Application Migration (U8616S)
NonStop SQL/MX Database Management (U8617S)
HP NonStop NS-series Server Administration II (U8638S)
Routing & Switching
Implementing HP Network Infrastructure Security, REV 10.41 (00243555)
Accelerated Interoperability & Troubleshooting HP Networks, Rev 11.31 (00314282)
HP FlexNetwork Fundamentals (00870186) (H4C81S)
Implementing HP Network Infrastructure Security, REV 10.41 (00243555)
HP Node and Virtual Partitions (HG770S)