BCS (ISEB) Business Analysis Training Courses

Business Analysis is the set of tasks, knowledge, and techniques required to identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems

Solutions often include a systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement or organisational change.

Global Knowledge offer a range of courses aimed at improving the effectiveness of individuals tasked with carrying out Business Analysis within an organisation. Our courses also lead to the BCS (formerly ISEB) Diploma in Business Analysis.

BCS (ISEB) Diploma in Business Analysis

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Business Analysis
Agile Business Analysis (BABA)
Benefits Planning and Realisation (BBPR)
Foundation in Business Change (BFBC)
Benefits management and business acceptance (BMBA)
Stakeholder Engagement (BSHE)
BCS Consultancy Examination Session (2 hours) (ECPC)
BCS Practitioner Examination Session (1 hour) (EISP)
Fundamentals of Software Testing (GK2515)
Planning Effective Software Testing (GK2516)
Web Testing Core Fundamentals (GK2518)
Business Process Analysis (GK2818)
Business Analysis Essentials (GK2919)
Getting the Right Vendor Evaluation Team (GK2941)
Requirements Development & Management (GK2964)
CBAP and CCBA Accelerator Course (no exam available) (LCBA)
Pre-Project Problem Analysis (no exam available) (LPPA)
Team Leadership (MTLP)
Advanced Requirements Engineering (SARE)
Business Analysis Practice (SBAP)
Business Analysis - Oral Preparation Workshop (SBAW)
Commercial Awareness (SCMA)
Data Modelling (no exam available) (SDAM)
Enterprise & Solution Architecture Combined ( Intermediate and Pratitioner) (SESC)
Enterprise & Solution Architecture Intermediate (SESI)
Enterprise & Solution Architecture Practitioner (SESP)
BCS Foundation in Business Analysis (SFBA)
Introduction to Business Architecture (no exam available) (SIBA)
BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes (SMBP)
BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering (SREN)
Systems Design Techniques (SSDT)
BCS Certificate in Systems Modelling Techniques (SSMT)
Writing Effective, Testable Use Cases (no exam available) (SWTU)
Business Process
BCS Certificate in Systems Development Essentials with Agile (SSDE)
Leadership & Business Skills
IS Consultancy Practice (BCPC)
Servers & Applications
Foundation in Systems Development (SFSD)
Service Management
Business Analysis for non-Business Analysts (BANBA)
ISEB/Software Testing Foundation (LQF)
ISEB/Software Testing Foundation (LQF)
ISTQB Advanced Test Manager (LQFTM)
Service Management & ITIL
ISEB Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing (LINT)
ISTQB Advanced Test Manager (LQFTM)
ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst (LQFTT)