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Cisco Skills Bundles

Cisco ACI

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) reduces TCO, automates IT tasks, and accelerates data center application deployments. It accomplishes this using a business-relevant software defined networking (SDN) policy model across networks, servers, storage, security, and services.

Courses - DCAC9K, UCSDACI, DOTOACI, CLDACI - Price £6710


Cisco Unified Communications Manager is the core call control application of our collaboration portfolio. It provides industry-leading reliability, security, scalability, efficiency, and enterprise call and session management. More than 200,000 customers worldwide have deployed over 60 million Cisco IP phones and tens of millions of soft clients.

Courses - UC11ADM, UC11NEW - Price £2,865


You will gain valuable sales skills and grow within the world of Cisco when you attend these industry-leading development programs for all Cisco sales people. 

Courses - OUTCOMES, BTASBVA, BTEABVD - Price - £2,580


Cisco security innovations provide highly secure firewall, web, and email services while helping to enable mobility and teleworking.  Make sure that you have the skills needed to secure all you network and devices.

Courses - SASAC, SASAA, SISE, NGFWTW, ISE2 - Price - £6,775