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Cisco Technical Education Portal (CTE)

Cisco Technical Education is an e-learning portal that includes a variety of training modules for many of Cisco's platforms and technologies, including break/fix and new product introduction training that is used by Cisco's technical assistance center (TAC) engineers.  It was developed to meet the needs of Cisco customers who are interested in just-in-time learning offerings and can be combined with traditional training methods to provide a complete training solution.

Features and benefits of Cisco Technical Education

Some of the features of Cisco Technical Education are:

  • Over 10,000 training modules and growing 
  • Customer administration features such as monitoring student access
  • Online access to hands-on labs
  • Simple search facility for quick break/fix resolutions. 
  • Ability to group modules together to create a development plan
  • Customer administration features for large organisations with multiple users.
  • Subscription for just one year.

Cisco Technical Education benefits customers by:

  • Providing content coverage over a broad spectrum of Cisco platforms and technologies
  • Provides engineers with immediate access to break/fix solutions - Increased Job efficiency. 
  • Aids continuous staff development 
  • Complements ILT course attendance

Cisco Technical Education Formats


Training is delivered in the form of presentations with audio or video on demand

Visual product information:

These are used for identifying hardware and retrieve product information using high- resolution images of Cisco products, combined with detailed specs and sometimes supported with audio and video

Remote hands-on labs:

Structured, self-directed,  hands- on lab exercises using remote access to Cisco equipment

Visual instructions:

Detailed, step-by-step instructions including graphics and Flash animation for performing on- site upgrade and remedial services on Cisco products

Lab demonstrations:

Practical exercise walk-throughs presented as videos on demand giving detailed, guided demonstrations for deploying and operating Cisco products.

Cisco Technical Education Technology Categories

Currently there are seven technology bundles available. The following list shows the technology bundle options.

Technology Category Example Topics
Data Center Application networking services, Cisco IOSSoftware and Cisco NX-OS Software, Cisco Nexus switches, server networking and virtualization, storage networking, unified computing and servers 
Network Fundamentals  Basic concepts covered for IP routing and LAN switching
Routing and Switching  IP, Cisco IOS Software, LAN switching, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), quality of
service (QoS), various routers and switches 
Security Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA), Authentication protocols, Cisco Secure
Access Control System (ACS), firewalls, identity management, intrusion prevention system
Service Provider  Cisco IOS XE and XR Software, optical networking, routers (Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing
System and Cisco ASR 1000, 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers, and Cisco XR and
GSR 12000 Series Routers) 
Collaboration Voice and unified communications, video and content delivery, TelePresence 
Wireless  Access points, Cisco Unified Wireless Network Software, Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers,
wireless LAN fundamentals, Cisco ASR 5000 Series 


Package Pricing

Licenses are valid for 1 year.

All Technologies Access Package    
User Licenses List Price Part Number 
Single User License $4,025   CON-TRN-CTE-1U 
Bundle of 50 $189,750  CON-TRN-CTE-50U
Bundle of 200 $715,300 CON-TRN-CTE-200U 
Bundle of 500  $1,676,700  CON-TRN-CTE-500U


Single Technology Package    
User Licenses List Price  Part Number 
Single User License $1,150 CON-TRN-CTE-1UL 
Bundle of 50 $54,050 CON-TRN-CTE-50UL 
Bundle of 200 $204,700 CON-TRN-CTE-200UL
Bundle of 500  $479,550 CON-TRN-CTE-500UL


Further information

Contact your Global Knowledge account manager now to secure your access to the Cisco Technical Education Portal.