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Borderless Networks

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Next Generation Training For The Modern Workforce

What is a Borderless Network?

The Borderless Network is a comprehensive architecture, which incorporates routing, switching, mobility, security technologies and wide area network (WAN) optimisation.

It is the blue-print for the next generation network enabling employees, customers and partners to connect seamlessly and securely, anytime, anywhere.

The modern workplace is interactive and mobile, and the quality of the experience is vital. Network service levels are judged purely by the quality of the customer experience. You could be running any application, in any location, from any device. Within this borderless environment might be internal workers, business partners or customers.

The network must respond to video traffic demands, and meet the expectations of an ever increasing mobile user population, whilst also delivering the best possible user experience.

Borderless Networks will help you integrate communications more closely with business processes by connecting anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Control energy costs, help individuals take advantage of the power of video, and deliver a transparent, highly secure experience wired or wirelessly using:

  • Medianet - the intelligent, networkwide capabilities of Cisco Borderless Networks helps identify video applications and endpoints, and optimize the delivery of rich media to any device, in any location.
  • EnergyWise - regain control of network and facilities energy usage to help manage and reduce your company’s energy costs and carbon footprint. The newly released Cisco EnergyWise Orchestrator integrates PC power management for both LAN and WAN connected devices into your Cisco EnergyWise domain
  • Application Performance - these services simplify the user experience, creating a seamless user experience while enhancing IT’s control over highly distributed and mobile client devices

The Business Impact

IT departments find themselves faced with the requirements of supporting a wider array of mobile devices, operating systems, and applications conflicting with traditional corporate standards and management policies.

Businesses and users no longer need to or want to be confined or restricted by the traditional IT borders:

  • Mobility and the mobile workforce removes location borders 
  • Consumer desire for increased IT device utilisation in the workforce removes device borders
  • Application location and accessibility drives the need to remove application borders

The borderless workplace created by the Borderless Network will demand new technology skills to achieve maximum business performance and Return On Investment.

An integrated expertise from within the talent pool of a distributed IT department and the adoption of business relevancy training for technical people will be critical in achieving individual and organisational demands.

The skills and capabilities of IT departments

The skills and capabilities of IT departments within today’s business environment can no longer remain siloed. These new strategies will require an innovative approach to learning, such as :

  • Social, informal and coaching models
  • Deep skills development
  • Specialised business and technical real-world skills

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