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Cisco Fit4Business

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Global Knowledge, the world’s largest Cisco education partner, is proud to offer Fit4Business,a unique Managed Solution to help all Channel Partners achieve and retain enhanced Cisco status – from Select through to Gold.




Fit4Business – How does it work?
Our Fit4Business programme is based on a tried and tested methodology, which is easy to understand, implement, measure, and report on.

Fit4Business website
You will have access to a dedicated Fit4Business section on our website, where answers to all of your questions on OIP, VIP and SIP can be found. The Fit4Business section on our website also provides you with access to an online specialisation tool and a community connection.

Education Planning
The output from the Business Review phase is a fully priced, tailored training plan covering the education requirements at an individual and an organisation level. This will move your partner status forward in the most cost effective and time efficient way.

Training Delivery and Administration
We then take your identified employees through the tailored schedule of open or closed courses so that they can gain the relevant Cisco certifications to move you to the desired partner level .

Communication and Reporting
Throughout the training cycle, we will regularly report to both you and Cisco on your progress against the plan. We will also notify you of any slippages against the defined schedule and work to keep the certification process on track.

Evaluation & Contingency Planning
Following initial certification to the desired partner status, we will work with you to ensure that your employees meet the re-certification criteria that is necessary to retain your certification status.

Furthermore, within this phase, we will develop a contingency plan with you. This will involve dentifying a second generation of staff for certification and specialisation training, thereby helping you to future proof your organisation.

Download here the Fit4Business-flyer (PDF)



To find out more about how to enhance your Cisco Partner status through our Fit4Business programme, please contact us on 0118 912 1929.