Data Scientist Training Courses


The role of a Data Scientist is to value and use the data to respond to a business problem. The Data Scientists manipulate, explore and analyse data, to extract the key knowledge for business success.

This specialisation aims to cover in a very operational manner the methods, tools and statistical and learning machine models needed by the Data Scientists to solve business problems. Workshops using IBM SPSS Software and R allow the application of the skills learned throughout the courses. The Data Scientist Specialisation Curriculum also gives you an introduction to big data environments.

Skills of a Data Scientist

A Data Scientist should have:

  • Solid foundation in computer science and applications, modelling, statistics, analytics and math.
  • Strong business acumen, coupled with the ability to communicate findings to both business and IT leaders.

Objectives of the Data Scientist Specialisation

  • This curriculum is operationally oriented. It allows you to:
  • Identify relevant data and statistical or machine learning models to address business problems
  • Have a good knowledge of data management and data preparation
  • Have strong knowledge in data analysis using statistical and machine learning models
  • Understand with IBM SPSS Text analytics the logic behind text analysis “Text Mining” and how to combine textual data with structured data to solve business problems
  • Use R, IBM SPSS Modeler and statistics to manage and analyse data
  • Have a basic understanding of the big data and Hadoop environment

Target Audience Data Scientist Specialisation

  • Anyone with academic experience in a scientific discipline looking to move into the world of Data Science
  • Business Intelligence consultants looking to move into the world of predictive analysis

Prerequisites Data Scientist Specialisation

  • General computer literacy
  • Anyone with academic experience in a scientific discipline

Data Scientist Certification Programs and Certification Tracks

Data Scientist Specialisation Program

  • Introduction to Big Data : Hadoop and its ecosystem
  • Introduction to R programming
  • Exploring and Visualising the data
  • Preparing data to the analysis with IBM SPSS Modeler
  • Looking for relationships between data

  • Modeling
    • Supervised Classification
    • Segmentation
    • Association Models
  • Text Mining

  • Workshops
    • Case study in Marketing : Basket Analysis
    • Case study in Telco
    • Case study in Banking
    • Case study in Industry : Predictive Maintenance
    • Case study in Text Analytics Customer comments analysis

Data Scientist Specialisation Programme - Training and Certification Overview

 Course Code  Title  Duration
GKBIGD  Introduction to Big Data : Technologies and tools  2 days 
U6PAR2G  Introduction to R programming + hands-on  3 days 
0G512G  Introduction to Statistical Analysis using IBM SPSS Statistics  2 days 
0A005G  Introduction to IBM SPSS Modeler and Data Mining  2 days
0A055G  Advanced Data Preparation with IBM SPSS Modeler  1 day
Certification: IBM Certified Associate - SPSS Modeler Data Analysis 2 days individual preparation for the exam + one day exam 3 days 
0A0G2G  Automated Data Mining with IBM SPSS Modeler 1 day 
Certification: IBM Certified Associate - SPSS Modeler Data Mining one day individual preparation + one day exam  2 days 
0A032G  Predictive Modeling with IBM SPSS Modeler  3 days 
0A045G  Clustering and Association Modeling Using IMB SPSS Modeler  1 day
Certification: IBM Certified Specialist - SPSS Modeler Professional 2 days individual preparation + one day exam  3 days 
0A104G  Introduction to IBM SPSS Modeler Text Analytics  2 days 
Total Duration Data Scientist Specialisation  25 days 

More information

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