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Lifecycle or Capability?

A question we often get asked is “After passing ITIL® Foundation, which ITIL® intermediate track should I follow Lifecycle or Capability?"

To answer this question we use the following three guidelines: -

  • Maturity of ITIL® processes: If an organisation has well developed ITIL process that have been operating for a few years then the management aspects of the LIFECYCLE courses are probably better to concentrate on…there’s more about Management and Improvement of the processes and their interaction.  If the process is still developing or your taking the role of process owner / manager then the CAPABILITY courses might offer more as they cover more low level detail.
  • Seniority of Staff: A very general rule is the more senior (in an organisational sense) a candidate is then the more likely the LIFECYCLE will be better.  This is due to the broader view of the Service Lifecycle phase interaction that their role will likely require.  
  • Internal IT or Outsourcer / Managed Service Provider: Managed Service Providers by their very nature deal with many customers and different processes and are more likely to find the integration aspects of LIFECYCLE courses better suited to their needs.  Internal IT (particularly subject matter experts) are likely to find the CAPABILITY more useful.  

These are only guidelines. If you feel you need to know more or ask a specific question just contact us.