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Maturity Assessment

“The first step to improvement is to know ourselves”

Tyron Edwards


Bottom line value only comes from performance improvement.  An organisation must measure its performance to see the correlation between maturity and effective performance.  Maturity Improvement is Process Improvement

Service Management maturity assessment focuses on the key ITIL processes from the Service Lifecycle.  The assessment highlights improvement opportunities and process deficiencies.  Of course an organisation may choose to take no action following an assessment.  It may feel satisfied with the current state or not be ready to undertake improvement activities. You could even benefit from the Hawthorn Effect where performance improvement that results from assessment alone.

How we work...

The assessment will be carried out using structured interviews, facilitated workshops and by looking at your documentation.  The time allocated for the assessment is based on the number of processes being assessed.

Prior to the assessment we will work with you to make the right information available to ensure the best possible result.  We’ll agree a timetable for the day and supply recommendations for interviewees and workshop attendees.

Designed to provide a cost-effective external review of one or all of your service management processes against ITIL best practice guidance.  The service gives you an assessment of your process maturity in each area.


The key output is our detailed management report.  Standards based, objective and independent the report should be used to develop a Service Improvement Plan.  The assessment identifies 'quick wins' and more medium and long term objectives.