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Solutions Workshops

A workshop is where you do actually get feedback on your work, not just something where you go and sit for a day.

Octavia Butler


The value of education and ultimately certification to the individual is obvious.  Real value can also be derived for the organisation through group sessions with tangible outputs.  Solutions workshops can bridge the gap between information and knowledge.  Workshops are designed to solve particular problems of “How to”.

It's easy to get lots of information today from training courses, the internet, books, etc.  But the inability to interpret or understand how to use the information then it can be just noise resulting in wasted effort.  Often training doesn’t give you the time to digest it properly and turn it into something you can use.  Our solutions workshops are designed to bridge that gap.

In our workshops, we have a chance to make sure each of our attendees gets it.  Often the extra energy you get from hearing, seeing, and experiencing a live workshop leads to successful knowledge transfer and the added value of a tangible output.

What We Do and How

The topics and focus of the workshop are agreed beforehand.  Workshop activity can cover any or all Service Management disciplines.  Sample areas for our process improvement activities are:-

  • Policy definition - ensuring a process policy document is produced based on a requirements analysis.
  • Culture Change – understanding of who will be affected by any process changes and how they will be affected. Action to managing stakeholders attitudes, behaviours and culture through the process of change will be included.
  • Process design – using our own templates to help design the process and workflows
  • KPI definition – defining exactly what we want to do and how the success of the process.
  • Process implementation – step to include selection and implementation of any support tools or support tool enhancements.