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Service Improvement (GKSM+)

Global Knowledge Service Management Plus - GKSM+

“Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing... layout, processes, and procedures.”
Tom Peters


At Global Knowledge we believe increasing the value that IT services offer your organisation is a journey.  Whether that quest is reducing costs or risk, increasing control or just enhancing the customer experience you can be sure it involves choosing, planning and designing the right services  or improvements followed by timely education, implementation and benefits realisation.

Global Knowledge has rightly earned our unparalleled reputation for providing the education services but that is not where our expertise stops.   Utilising the skills of our service management consultancy team, we now offer you the full range of services that allow you to choose an organisation you trust to support your entire journey.   

Global Knowledge Service Management Plus+ (GKSM Plus+) is a series of services designed to support every stage of an organisational Service Improvement initiative.  Plus+ services fit with our award winning education solutions.  GK has blended the enormous experience of some of the leading industry names in ITIL®, PRINCE® and other fields to deliver a range of Plus+ services to help organisations deliver world class systems and service improvements and implementations. 

So just what are these GKSM Plus+ services then?  

All our GKSM Plus+ services are supported by over 200 complimentary business templates to save you time and money on expensive alternatives.

GKSM Plus+ – Strategy Generation We add the intellectual capital and strong knowledge base of GK’s industry experts to your organisation’s mix to creating functional solutions for delivering high quality, cost effective services.

GKSM Plus+Maturity Assessment Assessment of your organisations current capabilities using standards based on CMMI, EFQM and ISO principles.  Solid service improvement advice and guidance comes as standard with every assessment.

GKSM Plus+- Documents Using our extensive range of complimentary, business ready templates, we have been helping organisations across the world produce high quality, accessible business documents to support their processes.

GKSM Plus+Solution Workshops Education with end product, too.  Our workshops are designed to not only delivered concentrated education in a designated area but also to provide a tangible, business ready output as a result of the engagement.  Each workshop is unique because each need is different.   

GKSM Plus+- Tailored Education We go “off the menu” from our standard exam course offerings to design education solutions which not only have content tailored to your needs but also utilise the delivery mechanisms which best suit your organisational needs.

GKSM Plus+- Experiential Solutions Leveraging a strong partnership with a global leader in this field we augment the education of individuals in a team environment.  Role play and simulated experience bring a whole host of management disciplines to life in a fantasy environment. 

For full details of all our courses, bookings call us on 0118 912 1929 or email