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Analyst Series

These qualifications cover Change, Problem and Service Level Analyst developed by itSMF UK, with Global Knowledge as first adopters worldwide!

Ever wanted a range of Service Management qualifications that were focused on job roles? 

Ever believed there should be courses that feature the ‘How to’ as well as the ‘What is’ around ITIL® processes? 

Global Knowledge has the answer... coming soon to our ITIL® portfolio are the Service Analyst Series of qualifications.

What are they? 

  • ITIL®  instruction is combined with other softer skills required to actually do the job
  • They’ll be part of the ITIL®  complementary series meaning they’ll attract points towards ITIL®  Expert
  • 20 scenario-based simple multiple choice examination questions
  • ‘Course with an Exam’ NOT an ‘Exam Course’ – the focus is very much around the instruction and practical nature NOT three days of exam preparation
  • The first courses to be released will be Change Analyst, Problem Analyst, and Service Level Analyst – with more to follow!
  • The courses include a workbook – a tangible take away from the course packed with information that you can use back in the workplace to improve your processes

These Global Knowledge Analyst courses will also feature FREE electronic templates to help you apply your knowledge back in your workplace!

How can I attend?

We offer public dates at a wide variety of locations. If a public course is not available, we will work with you to provide an in-company (on-site) alternative.

Contact us now on 01189 121 929 or email