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Microsoft SharePoint Key Benefits

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Key Benefits of our SharePoint Learning

1 Gain real-world SharePoint skills for your team

Use our SharePoint Labs to provide your developers with hands-on, practical skills across all levels of experience (junior, intermediate, & advanced).

2 Create customised SharePoint expertise tracks

Build and roll-out targeted expertise tracks to get your SharePoint team up to speed with the very latest techniques and practical skills that matter to your organisation.

3 Assign skilled developers to new SharePoint projects

Take the random guesswork out of new project assignments - use our learning dashboards to match highly skilled developers with upcoming projects.

4 Validate SharePoint skills with Certificates of Achievement

Developers gain validation of new skills with our personalised certificates of achievement every time they complete 3 hours of learning, with optional management notification.

5 Leverage your in-house SharePoint experts

Use your company's SharePoint experts to act as mentors to the developers in your organisation with our Live Guide service.

6 Track SharePoint expertise with our management dashboards

Use our highly visual executive dashboards and detailed progress reports to track adoption, usage, and skills distribution for all SharePoint developers across your organisation.

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