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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 FAQ

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What do I get when I buy SharePoint training?

Each SharePoint course includes the following:

  • Immediate access to self-paced SharePoint training.
  • Tight integration with the Lab environment.
  • Video-based training material from SharePoint experts.
  • Hand-picked collection of SharePoint e-books.
  • Ability to set personal learning goals and earn certificates of achievement.
  • Tight integration with our Platform.

Is your SharePoint training delivered online?

Yes, our SharePoint courses require internet access. If you’re the type to plan ahead, you can download most of the SharePoint videos and e-books for use offline. However, our learning assignments and Labs can only be used while online.

Who are the authors?

USPJA (Understanding SharePoint Journal Academy) is our chosen partner for SharePoint training. Nearly all of the lessons contain video presentations from USPJA instructors, renowned SharePoint experts with vast experience presenting the same course materials online and in-person. USPJA’s approach emphasises real-world aspects of using SharePoint in addition to covering required knowledge, a perfect fit with our learning methodology.

How do your Labs work?

All our SharePoint courses are very hands-on. The typical ratio of practical work (including self-study) to lesson presentations is 4:1. InnerWorkings always places practical experience at the heart of the learning experience. With SharePoint training, we’ve created a virtual environment that provides a suitable infrastructure for gaining the necessary experience safely and affordably.

What is your training format?

A typical SharePoint course (30-40 hours) is presented as a series of modules – usually 6 – with a structure similar to the following:

Module 1: Building your lab environment



Lesson 1: Preparing for departure  e-Book  90 minutes
Lesson 2: IIS set-up  Video  05 minutes
Lesson 3: WSS install  Video  15 minutes
Lesson 4: WSS set-up  Video  20 minutes
Lesson 5: Mutiple labs  Video  30 minutes
Lesson 6: Why is SharePoint so damn difficult  Video  45 minutes
Assignment: Installing your lab environment  Labs  3 hours

*Duration is approximate as all training is self-paced.

Do SharePoint courses run on our Platform?

Our SharePoint courses are fully integrated into our stable of products, which means that they come with the power of the Platform. The platform offers cloud-based user-management and reporting services. It also enables the student achievement and motivation programmes for organisations that choose to use them.

Can we report on SharePoint training?

Our platform tracks all training activity, at both the individual developer and collective team levels.

How long do I have to complete a SharePoint course?

When you buy a SharePoint course, you have unlimited access to it for one full year from the date of purchase. While access to our video and e-book training is unlimited, your time in our virtual labs is available for 25 hours per course.

Can I buy SharePoint training for my development team?

Glad you asked – yes, it’s possible to buy SharePoint training for up to 15 members of your software team After your purchase, each developer listed in your team will receive a setup email from us explaining who purchased their SharePoint training and how to access their learning account right away. It’s that simple!

If your team has more than 15 SharePoint developers, we can offer some enterprise discounts that may be more appealing to you. Please contact our sales team, who will prepare a custom quote for your business.

Do you offer developers any form of recognition?

We do indeed. You can participate in public coding competitions at the individual or team level to win valuable bragging rights. It’s also possible to set personal learning goals and win medals in your own virtual trophy case. In addition, we issue certificates of achievement when you successfully complete SharePoint courses. Go on, knock yourself out!

Do I need SharePoint 2010?

The courses cover SharePoint 2007 and 2010 – many topics are common to both, and where differences exist, we point them out. You can use either version of SharePoint for the assignments, labs, or in your own SharePoint environment.

What programming languages do you support?

Code examples in our SharePoint training use Visual C#. You’re free to use any language you prefer during assignments.

Why learn by doing?

Because it’s a highly effective and enjoyable way to pick up new skills and improve your on-the-job performance. Plus, the benefits are long-lasting. For one, you’ll recall techniques you actively used far longer than those you simply read about. Secondly, when you participate in our virtual labs, you’ll have all your hard-won knowledge at your fingertips for future reference. Check out our Product Tour for more details on the product and learning methodology.

Do you have a difficulty rating for your training?

We do offer developers a difficulty rating system. Each SharePoint course is allocated a rating that indicates the technical level of the topics covered. Some knowledge of ASP.NET web development is recommended, and we have plenty of primer content to get you started with ASP.NET. Our rating scheme works like this:

 Level 1 Suitable for beginners and above. This level addresses introductory SharePoint concepts
 Level 2

Suitable for programmers with basic (or higher) SharePoint skills. This level addresses mid-level SharePoint concepts and administrative features

 Level 3 Suitable for programmers with intermediate (or higher) SharePoint skills. This level addresses advanced SharePoint concepts and administrative features

What’s your privacy policy?

We respect your privacy and take it very seriously. In fact, we view your right to privacy as one of the company’s most important priorities. Our full, legally verified privacy policy is available for review at any time, so we encourage you to take a closer look.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase. Simply contact us within 30 days and we will refund your money in full or give you equivalent credit towards our other learning challenges.

I can’t find what I’m looking for…

You can simply contact us with your query or any request for SharePoint learning content and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact us on 0118 912 3456 or email