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Microsoft Certified Partner Learning Solutions (CPLS) programmes

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We continue to offer the most trusted and credible Microsoft Certified Partner Learning Solutions (CPLS) programmes

Maximise your performance - In today's world you rely on your computer to work for you and to run your business. We have formed a strong partnership with Microsoft to ensure that the learning and certification solutions available to our customers include the latest technologies. We also support Microsoft customers through early adoption process by providing customer awareness seminars and technology courses before the product is released by Microsoft.

Microsoft Software Virtualisation

Cloud computing with Microsoft cloud online services provides you with the power to grow your business with cloud hosting, application development, productivity and collaboration tools, and more

Microsoft Training 365

Microsoft Training 365 is an online subscription service that offers a helping hand to software developers, IT professionals and office workers. It provides complete access to every Microsoft online training course for new and old versions of Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office and Windows, developer tools, server software and productivity application. 

Product Evaluations

As well as offering the latest Microsoft training courses and certifications, we endeavour to inform our customers of key Microsoft product releases. Visit our Product Evaluations page to discover the latest Microsoft product releases.