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Business-IT Alignment Portfolio

Split-level-circleIT has become the driving force behind every business as organisations look for way to use technology to improve business results in a competitive and complex environment. 

The challenge is that in order to meet business expectations and deliver the expected value, IT professionals need new skills and knowledge. Trends like outsourcing, cloud, and the consumerisation of IT are:

  • Impacting the way that IT is structured
  • Influencing the types of services provided, and 
  • Changing the stakeholder groups that technical professionals must interact and collaborate with

Accelerate-IT: IT Senior Leader Programme

The Accelerate-IT: IT Senior Leader Programme has been developed to equip IT leaders who are responsible for setting IT strategy with the new competencies and skills required to succeed both today and in the future. The programme is offered as a series of workshops that can be taken as a complete learning path or as individual modules. 

Accelerate-IT: IT Manager Programme

The Accelerate-IT: IT Manager programme consists of a set of modules designed for IT managers and supervisors who support the execution of the IT strategy. The programme is designed to help IT leaders who want to build better relationships with business and technical stakeholders and deliver more value to their organisations.

Accelerate-IT: IT Individual Contributor Programme

Business Skills for IT Individual Contributors is a 2-day course for IT Individuals who want to improve their ability to deal with business stakeholders. It focuses on the competencies required improve personal productivity, communicate more effectively with both business and technical stakeholders and maximise performance in a changing environment.

Accelerate-IT: Business Leader Programme

The Accelerate-IT: Business Leaders programme is a set of modules designed to help Business Leaders understand the changing role of technology as a driver of business performance and their role and responsibilities in capitalising on the opportunity.