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Accelerate-IT: IT Manager Programme

IT-ManagerIT has become the driving force behind every business as organisations look for way to use technology to improve business results in a competitive and complex environment.

The challenge is that in order to meet business expectations and deliver the expected value, IT professionals need new skills and knowledge.

Trends like outsourcing, cloud, and the consumerisation of IT are: (1) impacting the way that IT is structured, (2) influencing the types of services provided, and (3) changing the stakeholder groups that technical professionals must interact and collaborate with.

The Global Knowledge Accelerate-IT: IT Manager Programme has been developed to equip IT leaders who are responsible for contributing to and executing IT and business strategy with the new competencies and skills required to succeed both today and in the future. The programme covers a variety of business and IT-related topics as well as the personal and inter-personal skills required to succeed.

Learning Format

Each module is divided into three parts - Prepare, Participate and Perform.


This is the pre-work completed in advance of the session to help the learner get ready to maximise participation in the workshop. It provides the foundational knowledge on the topics to be covered, and includes selfassessments to build awareness of existing capabilities and knowledge/skills gaps.


The four day classroom session provides opportunities for active learning. The workshop is designed to be interactive and includes individual and group exercises. Learners have a chance to apply what they have learned to a central case study that is used throughout the programme. After each topic the participants also have the opportunity to identify ways to apply what they have learned to their own job.


After the participate phase the learners complete a self-paced assignment that encourages them to apply the concepts, models and skills that they have learned in a way that helps them improve interaction and engagement with their key business stakeholders.

Programme Topics

  • Business Strategy – Foundational Concepts
  • The Business IT Alignment Process
  • Introduction to IT Governance
  • Communicating with Stakeholders
  • Finance for IT Professionals
  • Building IT Business Cases
  • Presentation Skills for IT Professionals
  • Leading IT teams
  • Program and Project Leadership
  • Maximising IT Project Results
  • Change Management
  • Innovation