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Accelerate-IT: Senior IT Leaders Programme

IT Senior LeaderThe Global Knowledge Accelerate-IT: Senior IT Leaders Programme has been developed to equip IT leaders who are responsible for setting IT strategy with the new competencies and skills required to succeed both today and in the future.

The programme is offered as a series of workshops that can be taken as a complete learning path, or as individual modules. 

Each module is designed to help participants identify ways to use technology to improve business performance, implement processes to realise value apply IT Best Practice to optimise the benefits.  

Learning Format

Each module is divided into three parts - Prepare, Participate and Perform.


This is the pre-work completed in advance of the session to help the learner get ready to maximise participation in the module. It provides the foundational knowledge on the topics to be covered and includes self-assessments to build awareness of existing capabilities and knowledge/skills gaps.


The three day classroom sessions provide opportunities for active learning. Each workshop is designed to be interactive and includes individual and group exercises. Learners have a chance to apply what they have learned to a central case study that is used throughout the program. After each topic the participants also have the opportunity to identify ways to apply what they have learned to their own job.


Between each session the learners complete a self-paced assignment that encourages them to apply the concepts, models and skills that they have learned in a way that helps them improve interaction and engagement with their key business stakeholders.

Program Structure and Content

The Accelerate-IT: Senior IT Leaders Programme consists of three modules - each three days in length. The modules can be taken as a complete learning pathway, or on an individual basis.

   Module 1 Module 2 Module 3




  • Understand business strategy and stakeholder needs
  • Improve communication with business stakeholders
  • Assess current IT-business alignment
  • Apply a process to align IT strategy to business strategy
  • Maximise the return of IT investments through proper Governance
  • Analyse financial statements and recognise opportunities to use technology to improve business performance
  • Make good IT portfolio investment decisions
  • Lead the IT budgeting process
  • Develop an effective business case
  • Use influence to gain commitment to IT initiatives
  • Structure and deliver a compelling presentation
  • Identify a business operating model
  • Understand the value of Enterprise Architecture and select an approach for execution
  • Manage vendor relationships
  • Recognise signs that programs and projects are at risk
  • Identify the interventions to rescue a program/project at risk
  • Apply organisational and individual change management techniques
  • Support organisational and IT innovation
Topics covered
  • Business Strategy
  • Communication
  • Business-IT Alignment Process
  • IT Governance
  • Finance for IT Professionals
  • Portfolio Management
  • Budgeting
  • Business Cases
  • Influence and Presentation
  • Presentation Skills for IT Professionals
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Relationship Management
  • Program and Project Leadership
  • Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving
  • Change Management
  • Innovation
Number of days