How To Sell Cisco Solutions

Cisco_LSP_logoThe Cisco Product Sales Effectiveness learning solutions help ICT Sales Professionals effectively sell specific Cisco products and solutions.

These highly interactive and skills-based programmes target both product knowledge and selling techniques. Many of these workshops are included in the Cisco Partner Plus programme.

Selling Cisco Collaboration Solutions

Magnify_Sales_275Businesses today increasingly require ongoing interaction between their employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. These people may be located anywhere in the world. The challenge is to implement these solutions in a way that provides highly secure access, consistent user experience regardless of the device being used and allows for the delivery of different content including video, voice and data. Organisations need help in understanding how to effectively implement these solutions to drive productivity and innovation.

The Selling Collaboration Solutions workshop is a one-day course designed to help account managers understand the elements and business value of Cisco Collaboration solutions, and to teach them how to uncover opportunities and position solutions in a way that will clearly demonstrate their relevance to both business and technical decision makers.

Selling Cisco Business Edition 6000 Fingers Statistical

In today's competitive business environment mid-sized businesses are looking for ways to improve collaboration across their value chain and increase employee productivity using technology. The challenge is that they often have limited budgets and technical resources, and are looking for ways to minimise their investment and the complexity of technology solutions and maximise functionality. Cisco Business Services 6000 is designed for organisations with up to 1000 employees and offers premium voice, video, mobility messaging, presence and contact centre features on a single platform.

The Selling Cisco Business Edition 6000 workshop is a 1-day program designed to help Account Managers identify, qualify and close Cisco Business Edition 6000 sales.  It provides sales professionals with both the product knowledge and the skills required to initiate effective business-level and technical conversations and gain customer commitment.

Selling Cisco Enterprise Mobility

Cisco Enterprise Mobility changes work styles and lifestyles. The Cisco Mobile workspace solution provides a Business to Employee (B2E) model delivering a complete workspace on any device anywhere. Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences enables Business to consumer (B2C) delivery of personalised valued services to mobile consumers. Together these allow Cisco partners to expand the 802.11ac wireless portfolio with the AP2700, offering high value innovative service with the Connected Mobile Experience 8.0 release (CMX), to deploy to market new mobile applications with the Enterprise Mobility Service Platform. The result is a High Density Experience for the customer, High Scale Business Analytics and improved business intelligence derived from location awareness.

These extend partner opportunities into customer LOB, expand Citrix Desktop offerings to mobile users, and provide comprehensive upgrade of both switching and wireless infrastructure. By considering the three pillars as Cisco Mobile Workspace, Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) and Cisco Enterprise Mobility Services Platform (EMSP) traditional BYOD, Mobility and Desktop Virtualisation are redefined using workshops and group exercises. The result is an opportunity for Sales Account Managers to understand the entire portfolio of Enterprise Mobility products, view the roadmap and understand how to position these innovative products against rivals in the market place. Through use of Cisco tools including dCLoud, WLAN Mobility Demo and Cisco Prime Demo partner staff should benefit from current promotions to help secure the deal.

Selling Cisco Video Solutions

To be competitive and achieve operational advantages, your business today requires ongoing interaction between its employees, customers, suppliers, and partners located throughout the world. The need to work outside of normal business hours and locations fosters an increasingly mobile and distributed workforce, showing that traditional text- and voice-centric forms of collaboration are no longer able to address today's business challenges. Cisco TelePresence Solutions are designed to provide a natural forum for face-to-face collaboration and to allow organizations to strengthen working relationships, control the costs, improve the productivity and make decisions faster.

This course has been designed to give you an overview of the portfolio products and business value of Cisco TelePresence Solutions.You will learn how to identify and uncover opportunities, how to position the solutions against the competitionin and how to demonstrate their relevance to both the business and technical decision makers.

Selling Cisco BYOD in a Unified Access Network

Designed for sales individuals this course utilises workshops, exercises and customer engagement based scenarios to highlight Cisco's position in the BYOD market. An overview of the main technical features is provided along with a more detailed look at their business value. Understanding the competitive landscape is vital if you are to succeed in this evolving market, the key competitors are explored and compared to Cisco's BYOD solution.Identifying the key Business Drivers and differentiators will enable you to successfully close the sale.

The Cisco BYOD Smart Solution is a complete bring-your-own-device (BYOD) architecture using proven designs. Enterprises across the globe are continually working towards increasing their employee productivity, efficiency and flexibility. Mobility has moved up the priority list of several IT executives, who are expanding the pervasiveness of mobility initiatives throughout the organization. However, IT executives are challenged to secure and support the significant increase in the number of mobile devices used by the workforce. Cisco BYOD Solution integrates mobile device technology into business operations offering a platform for ongoing, cost-effective innovation that powers a more collaborative and productive workforce whilst maintaining an integrated one touch security and management approach.

junior.challenger® Programme

In today's competitive environment, Account Managers new to selling Information Technology solutions need to quickly develop the skills and knowledge to win deals.  They need to be able to uncover opportunities, position their organization's value proposition together with the value proposition of technology partners like Cisco in a competitive way and they need to align a group of diverse stakeholders to close the deal. This requires sales expertise and an understanding of the solutions that they offer to their customers.

junior.challenger® is a programme that helps Account Managers new to IT selling accelerate the development of skills and knowledge required to succeed and achieve sales results.