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Our Approach

Desktop Upgrades, Migrations and Application Roll-outs

We specialise in delivering highly effective, creative and flexible learning solutions to support your IT change. Let our learning consultant know what you need to achieve and we will work with you to provide the knowledge, experience, and technology to make it happen.

We will help you to make the best possible decisions for your individual solution. Our approach, based on our best practice development methodology, is specifically designed to ensure that the change to your systems and infrastructure is implemented as swiftly and as smoothly as possible.


Global Knowledge's Upgrade Approach

  • Capture Your Needs - we will accurately reveal your needs by asking the right questions and using a range of tried and trusted methods including our state of the art training needs analysis application. This will inform your customised learning programme.
  • Custom Learning Programme - we will design a recommended custom learning programme and agree this with you. This can include any corporate messages and business processes that you wish to communicate to your staff. The programme will be monitored to ensure maximum effectiveness is achieved and high quality is maintained.
  • Innovative Delivery Methods - innovative use of technology allows us to offer a wide range of training methods (shown below) and deliver personalised learning exactly where it is needed. We will use the most appropriate method to meet your needs.
  • Proven Learning Materials - our learning materials, which have been developed with proper experience and feedback gained over many years, are designed to be easy to follow during training and provide a valuable post-training reference.
  • Train the Trainers - we train our trainers to ensure your precise requirements are adhered to and not diluted in any way. This will include any company messages, processes and templates that need to be communicated via the training sessions.
  • Maintain quality and provide feedback - the effectiveness of the programme will be monitored using feedback from trainers and evaluations from delegates. This will ensure the programme is always relevant and effective.
  • Care for your programme - we allocate a dedicated training professional to manage your solution from start to finish. This means you have a very knowledgeable individual that has been involved in your project from inception that understands your needs. Therefore you can rely on us to care for your programme.

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