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Global Knowledge, as a key vendor partner, has worked with a great number of organisations to provide effective support as they upgrade, migrate or roll-out new systems and applications

Each vendor offers a range of learning material and content which we use to develop a solution appropriate to your needs.  Our learning consultants examine your specific requirements during the technology refresh or upgrade to build a solution that offers:


  • Focused simplicity - delivering targeted training on the new and common features your learners need rather than putting the onus on the organisation or users to trawl through hours of content specifics
  • Rapid application - quick and scalable delivery of content which requires minimal management or user intervention and set-up
  • Flexible deployment - content can be taken in a variety of formats including a collaborative hosted portal model, deployment using an existing client LMS, face to face classroom sessions or a combination of these elements
  • Cost effectiveness - low cost of ownership and licence models to suit your requirement

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