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Programme specific solutions

In order to make implementations of your new systems and applications successful we work with you to create a detailed delivery plan of your requirements and the rollout schedule

Our dedicated training professionals work with you to plan, organise and project manage your roll-out in the same careful way that we have carried out very successful migration projects for a wide range of clients. We listen carefully to your particular requirements and create a customised support programme, precisely tailored to your needs. 

Ways in which we can support your migration or roll-out programme include:

  • Briefing sessions - users are invited to short briefing sessions that are typically from 45 minutes up to 2 hours duration depending upon the topic. The briefing session informs users of the new systems they have, the reasons for the change, what will happen next, and how they will be affected.
  • Workshops - they are tailored sessions designed to address the particular aspects of the new system most relevant to your needs.  These allow a more in-depth explanation of features and allow some hand on practice, experimentation and activities specifically designed to reflect how your user community will use the system.
  • Bespoke training - classroom sessions are specifically tailored to meet the learning needs of the target population.  This may mean developing case studies that reflect how work takes place within your organization, combining a number of courses to meet your learning objectives or providing focused, accelerated events getting your learners up-to-speed as quickly as possible.
  • On-demand learning - it allows delegates to access equipment to practice and try out new learning, the chance to watch and listen to our subject matter experts, and the option to access learning materials in order to prepare for exams when they are ready rather than waiting for the next classroom or online live session.
  • Quick reference guides - they provide a handy at-a-glance view of the content covered in the training session and provides an easy way to look up a description of each topic and be reminded very quickly of how to use the topic.  They also provide information on where to get more help and support.
  • Drop–in surgeries - provide an opportunity for users to ask questions of an expert and bring particular examples of their work-related challenges.  We set aside dedicated time at a specific location on an advertised date.  These sessions will offer users the opportunity to explore the key differences between the old system or application and the new at a time that is convenient to them.
  • Floor walking service - available on a scheduled basis, a Global Knowledge instructor is deployed in a particular client location to advise users on their upgrade, migration and roll-out enquiries.  It is essential that users are aware of the availability of the floor walkers, so effective communication and preparation is required to ensure that they obtain the maximum benefit.

If you would like to talk to Global Knowledge about your requirements to support a desk-top upgrade, migration or application rollout, please call 0118 912 1929 or email