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Cloud Learning Solutions and Services

A revolution is underway, shifting the delivery of computing from a product to a service

Enterprises of all sizes are participating in this trend, Cloud computing. This revolution is driven by the benefits that the Cloud can offer to organisations; cost reduction, scalability, agility and innovation.

Cloud computing is a business model that’s powered by new technologies, allowing enterprises of all sizes to benefit from this new on-demand delivery  of self-service in IT.

The Cloud has a tremendous impact on how organisations operate and the way IT services are delivered to business users. The Successful adoption of a Cloud environment requires a new way of doing business and new people, process- and technology-skills.

Many organisations are still unfamiliar with Cloud computing and therefore reluctant to embark on this change. Determining how cloud computing fits with business strategy and organisational structure is a complex journey for many organisations. It changes the way IT and business interact at a strategic level and requires solutions to develop staff and processes and it also new ways of working.

Global Knowledge provides Cloud Learning Solutions and Services to further transform the way organisations leverage Cloud computing. Our key Cloud Learning Solutions and Services include:

Cloud Transformation Roadmap

Showing a clear Cloud Adoption Lifecycle – process, to move to- and work in the Cloud.


Cloud Customised Pathfinders

Providing individual role-based learning paths, based on industry Best Practices and tailored to where you are in the Cloud adoption lifecycle.


Individual Competency Assessments and Learning Architecture Recommendations

Measuring the current level of skills and knowledge of individuals and recommending customised learning paths and architectures.


Organisation Capability Assessment and Cloud Transformation Planning

A Global Knowledge Learning Architect working with you to assess organisational and individual capabilities and facilitating the Cloud  transformation process.