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Coaching is invaluable when developing people’s skills and abilities. 

CoachingIt can address issues and challenges before they become major problems. You will learn in this course how to increase the confidence and performance of your team.

The Course

Coaching is a completely different style from traditional management techniques. The basic principle of coaching is that the coached has to discover the answers for themselves. That way they own the problem and solution. The last thing that you must be is prescriptive.

We will train each delegate through role plays and how to gain commitment and trust the spectrum of coaching including:

  • Performance Management Coaching
  • Developmental Coaching
  • C
    areer Coaching

The Benefits

Each delegate will learn how to:

  • Be non-judgmental and open-minded
  • Not take charge
  • Be positive and open
  • Coach with mutual respect and trust
  • Challenge preconceptions and assumptions but be supportive

For more information please contact us by emailing or call 0118 912 1929