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Critical Thinking

critical thinking smlThe Challenge in Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is not a natural process for most of us. Instead we work instinctively to reach conclusions and solutions. The danger is that we use our own experiences, personal assumptions, our selected reality and insufficient facts. 

Our beliefs have an enormous impact on how we determine our solution and we instinctively gravitate towards solutions that support them. This course will teach you through the intensive and exhaustive process of critical thinking to reach optimum solutions. This skill is vital for future and current managers and leaders.

The Course

This is an intensive workshop, usually over two days. The critical thinking process will be taught and practiced using real life case studies and current business challenges within the organisation.  

The course is tailored to meet the needs and relevance to the business. Where possible, each attendee is interviewed beforehand to determine the skills, experience and expectations to ensure that the course does not waste valuable time. This short, sharp, intensive training course will minimize the interruption of “business as usual”

The Benefits

The delegates will leave the course with individual action plans that have been crafted by the group during the course. 

Critical thinking is a thorough, slow and methodical process. Solutions sought this way are more likely to be sound, shared and sustainable.

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