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The Transformational Leader

leadershipThe concept of Leadership has changed over the years. “Transformational Leadership” (James Burns/ Bernard Bass) is now what is expected of our leaders. It is no longer enough to manage existing systems and processes and maintaining the status quo.  Now a truly inspirational leader is one that can take a vision, articulate it, create passion within the people that report to him and take them on an exciting journey.

An inspirational leader is a coach, an advisor and builds trusted, lasting relationships with his team and other parts of the organisation. This course will equip future and existing managers with the skills to become transformational leaders.

The Course

We will execute a very intensive, high energy workshop to work through the different elements of what it takes to be a transformational leader.  Strenuous problem solving, role plays, brainstorming and critical thinking techniques will be employed to educate each delegate on the following characteristics of the Transformational Leader:

  • Vision. A leader needs to be able to think creatively, come up with new ideas and use persuasion to sell them.  Their vision provides the direction for the future.
  • Motivate and Inspire. A leader needs to keep the passion at the fore and keep the momentum going.  All new initiatives involve change and human nature resists change because the unknown is stressful. A leader needs to encourage and stimulate and link to individual needs and aspirations.
  • Delivery of the vision. There is a time to tell, a time to sell, a time to participate and a time to delegate (Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Model). This is the “managing” part of being a leader and requires experience of programme/ project management and managing change.
  • Coach and Mentor. It is vital that a leader has a high score in Emotional Intelligence. 

The Benefits

The delegates will leave the course with their personal action plans. They will gain a better understanding of their strengths and opportunities to improve. Transformational Leaders are not created overnight but they will leave with a toolkit to help them move towards this goal.

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