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Managing Conflicting Priorities

When you have conflicting priorities, the quality of your work can be affected as you try to appease everyone by working more quickly and trying to multitask. 

Conflicting Priorities

The end result is that the quality of your work will be affected and your customers will be disappointed.  Working longer hours is not a sensible alternative either. You will suffer and at worst, people will expect your performance to be the norm and impose unreasonable expectations on you.

Your alternative is to manage conflicting demands effectively.

The Course

This is normally a one day workshop. We will work using brainstorming techniques and intensive role plays using real life examples. We will cover the following topics:

  • How to schedule work effectively using an action priority matrix
  • Agreeing deadlines through collaboration
  • Negotiating, persuading and influencing effectively and with empathy
  • The power of emotional intelligence
  • Managing expectations
  • How to estimate time accurately
  • Defending your priorities

All of the skills practiced during the course are very pragmatic and should prove invaluable for every delegate. We would be delighted to include this as a module in any of our other courses.

The Benefits

This is a common problem that affects almost all of us in our business roles. Once you are able to develop this skill you will experience a significant reduction in stress. You will regain control of your professional life.

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