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Organisational Change

Change is the most difficult challenge in business. 

organisational changeIt’s vital for survival. We will train you on a comprehensive model that is proven, successful and complete when you are tasked with the challenge of implementing new systems or processes. 

The ADKAR model makes sure that you address the people elements of change during any implementation.

The Course

This is an intensive workshop, usually over three days. We will take a current challenge faced by your organisation and work through it with you to craft your complete and comprehensive plan.

The course is tailored to meet the needs and relevance to the business. Where possible, each attendee is interviewed beforehand to determine the skills, experience and expectations to ensure that the course does not waste valuable time. This short, sharp, intensive training course will minimise the interruption of “business as usual”.

The ADKAR Model was created by the Prosci research organisation in the late 90s following research involving more than 300 companies engaged in major change projects.  It was then published in Jeff Hiatt’s 2006 book “ADKAR: A Model for Change in Business, Government and Our Community”.

The Benefits

The model focuses on the change management goals and aligns them with the traditional project phases. In this way it encourages us to focus on clear, concise goals at specific stages in the project. This course will take you through this graph (Figure 1) to ensure success in your change plans.

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