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Presentation Skills

presentationThe Power of Presentations

Everyone, no matter how experienced would like to deliver a commanding presentation.  This skill has become essential to achieve success in business today.

The vehicle of this course is far reaching. Its core purpose is to help the candidates deliver powerful presentations, even at short notice. During this course the team dynamics will change. The participants will start to work more closely together, naturally. Mutual trust between team members will be cemented. True synergy will result in a more productive and effective team. Every team member will communicate confidently with the rest of the business.

The Course

This is an intensive workshop, usually over three days. Every attendee is asked to give a minimum of six presentations each. Two presentations are prepared beforehand.  Each presentation is given to the team. Participants will be asked to give feedback on every presentation. Presenting to your peers is often the most uncomfortable and challenging but at the end of the course every candidate will develop a close bond with one another.

The Benefits

Every candidate will become a confident presenter.  They will learn that polish is not as important as passion and will understand the importance of connecting with the audience.  Although this course is exhausting and high energy the rewards are lasting.

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