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Strategic Selling

Contracts for high-value, end-to-end delivery solutions are complex, with risk sharing and service-led negotiations.

strategic sellingThe sale person will need to develop intimate and trusted relationships with decision makers.  We will work with new and experienced sales people to give them the tools to execute successful strategic sales.

The Course

We will execute a very intensive, high energy sales boot camp, including early morning sessions and late night study sessions to work through the different elements of what it takes to be a successful strategic sales person. We will employ strenuous problem solving, role plays, brainstorming and critical thinking techniques to educate each delegate. We will include presentations, proposal writing and challenging role plays. We will cover the following topics:

  • How to create new deal structures with passion, empathy and emotional intelligence.
  • How to employ strong negotiation and analytical skills.
  • Perspective selling. This is a differentiator where each customer is considered unique.  It helps focus on beyond getting the sale purely on the immediate results that the customer wants to achieve.
  • How to ensure that the deal structure maximizes the sales person’s company’s upside while minimizing its exposure.

It is anticipated that this might change the company’s landscape with these necessary changes and behaviors to customer interaction. For this passion to be shared, we would propose a short, sharp inspiring awareness and training programme to be delivered to the rest of the sales community. It should address any fear, uncertainty and doubt that might arise from this business change.

The Benefits

The sales people will gain an understanding of the shift towards service-led selling.  Their confidence in presenting, communicating and negotiating will be enhanced through practice and role-play. 

The landscape will change within the business and with it the necessary behaviors and approach to customer interaction. This will impact everyone including the sales force, sales operations, consultants, technical engineers, marketing and support staff. 

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