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Time Management

Being Effective at Work

hourglassMost of us have strengths and weaknesses that impact our effectiveness. Probably the single most important thing that you can do to become more effective at work is to learn how to manage your time. Without this skill your days will be stressful, with people and projects competing for your time. You might end up working late or when not working, worrying about it. This course equips you with the tools and techniques to harness the available time in your working day and increase your productivity. It will show you how to be more effective, not just more efficient.

The Course

This course is designed to help every individual develop their own pragmatic time management plan that they can use when they return to work. It is not prescriptive as everyone has a different working style, approach and body clock. It focuses on all the different areas of time management that you might not immediately consider to be pertinent:

  • Setting Personal Goals
  • Communication Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Thriving on activity
  • Procrastination
  • Priority Identification 
  • Managing conflicting priorities using the Action Priority Matrix
  • Managing Expectations
  • Stress Management
  • Adopting a Good Attitude.

If you have a lot of competing demands on your time, you should consider how to become more effective through developing your own Personal Development Plan where you consider learning new skills. You might want to pay more attention to your body clock; some people work better in the evening, others are early birds. Stress can be a stimulant at work but too much can become counter-productive. Learning to harnessing your stress levels will release you to become a more productive individual.

This course covers all the basic tips and tricks to manage time throughout the day but delves deeper into addressing the root causes of not being in control of your workload and how to manage others’ expectations of what they can anticipate from you. 

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